When The Bad Moments Make You Grateful For Your Partner

Sometimes it’s the awful moments that remind you and your partner you belong together. We have been dealing with COVID in the Mitchell household. This past weekend we finally were able to get out of the house and try to get up into the mountains. 

A Day Gone Wrong

It was amazing. No more being shut up in our rooms, avoiding other humans, feeling like trash. The car was loaded with ski gear. The boys were stoked for their first ski outing and the sky was clear. It was a great day. Then the Universe scoffed at our enthusiasm. 

The roads were slammed with traffic and it started pouring snow. Undeterred, because we are outdoor enthusiast, we carried on. FOUR HOURS LATER!  Yes, FOUR HOURS LATER we arrived at the ski slopes. It has never taken four hours to get to the mountains in my life. I have no idea what happened but turtles could have gotten to the slopes faster than we did. 

Dad I’m Going To Throw Up

Nonetheless, we made it! Boots touched the snow and we started to gear up. The Universe lost, until it won again. My middle son E approached looking as white as the falling snow and said, “Dad, I think I’m going to throw up.” He hit his knees and just knelt in the snow as the Universe cackled with delight. As E coped with his emerging sickness we realized skiing would have to wait.  

All the gear that we had started unloading got put back in the car and we began the trek home. In total we spent seven hours driving and sitting in traffic. We spent seven hours for absolutely nothing!! What was going to be our breaking out of COVID and being sick turned into a deeper descent into hell on earth. 

Yet, at the same time, we made the best of it as a family. We screamed in comic agony as our dog threw up two hours into the drive and stunk up the car. There were endless sarcastic jokes made about our misery. Our kids dropped every cuss word they know to express their disappointment. We laughed a ton. And we endured the disaster together.  

Terrible But Bearable

I found myself thinking, “This is terrible but it is bearable and even a little fun because of who Erin is and who our family is together.” In the end we were together for the day. We were not together in a way we wanted but if I had to be stuck in the car for seven hours I would want to be with my Mitchell crew. And I was, and that helped me remember I am grateful for my relationship with Erin and our kids.