Stephen and Erin Can Speak At Your Next Event 

Work with Stephen and Erin to find the topic perfect for your community.

Stephen and Erin work to make every speaking event an engaging, interactive experience for your community.   

Book Stephen and Erin for your next event- info@createyourcouplestory.com

Popular Speaking Topics

Baby proofing & Parenting Your Couple Relationship- Focusing on the impact of change and stress in a couple relationship with the addition of children.  How to communicate in the chaos of stress and transition, how to find one another again and in the midst of everyday changes to your family.  

Anchored Enough- How relationships can not only survive but thrive in and after seasons of disconnection, grief, and loss.  

Step Out of Old Stories and Into New Stories: Create Your Couple Story- Everyone wants to be and stay connected to their partner, to be able to understand one another, to feel like you get to be fully yourself and your partner fully themselves, to have deep intimacy with one another, to feel seen and known by their partner, to have someone with you for all of life’s ups and downs; we all want a healthy couple relationship.  We have the tools to help couples step into the process to create their couple story.  

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