A Therapeutic Experience Without The Barriers Of Therapy

Online Courses for Pregnant Couples


Couple to Couple

We utilize our clinical education and our personal relationship to meet you and your partner right where you are.

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Cost Effective

For the price of ONE therapy session you get EIGHT weeks of research informed, psychologically sound relationship education.
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No need to try to coordinate schedules or find a therapist you can both agree on. A therapeutic experience in your own home at your own pace.

Are You Saying...

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How will this baby change our relationship?

Pregnancy changes a relationship. Discover how the change can cultivate your relationship not stress your relationship


How is this going to go?

Each partner has expectations about having a baby (generally unbeknownst to them). Learn how to communicate your expectations clearly and effectively.


I don’t want to feel alone?

 More than ever you both need support. Develop skills to be the support your partner needs and to ask for the support you need.


For the Deeper Dive

What are people saying?

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How Do We Get Started?

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1. Enroll


2. Reflect & Connect


3. Transform & Create

Why Create Your Couple Story?

Welcome to Create Your Couple Story and congratulations on your pregnancy. We know that the road to pregnancy can be relatively straightforward and also fraught with challenges like infertility, pregnancy loss, and countless other circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not therapy but it is absolutely therapeutic. We have taken the foundations of much of our “in-person” work with clients and we have put those foundational principles into approachable, understandable, language giving you unprecedented value and a therapeutic experience. 

Each module has exercises for individual and couple reflection.  This course will meet you right where you are and guide you and your partner to who you want to be as a couple.  This process of individual and joint vulnerability and discovery can transform your couple relationship.  

Create Your Couple Story Course is not counseling.  This process is different because it is created by a highly trained couple for couples, with personal illustrations from our own relationship.  It is an affordable one time expense so there isn’t the worry if you are wasting money session to session.  And, you can do it from the comfort of your own home so you can remain in a place being relaxed and at ease.  

Absolutely!  We get this question maybe more than any other.  And the answer is a resounding yes!  Doing the course on your own will still provide you with insight and compassion into your own story and your partners.  And the hope always is, as you share what you are learning they might see that it could be helpful to them and your relationship by seeing how it is helpful to you. 

The course itself is your guide.  It is self-paced and you get to do it your own way and in your own time.  There is not a time limit to the course so it is yours to revisit and repeat as you like. Sometimes couples want the accountability of working through the course with Stephen and Erin and we do offer a limited number of slots each month for this purpose.

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