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    Online Courses for Couples

    A Therapeutic Experience Without The Barriers Of Therapy

    Create Your Couple Story - $199

    Self-paced 8 week course designed to help couples grow in their connection and intimacy. This course is for couples that are thriving and want to gain more insight and skills for sustaining their relationship. This course is for couples that are feeling stuck or struggling to feel close.

    The In-Laws - $199

    Relationships with in-laws can be challenging and create conflict in your partner relationship.  This 8 week, self-paced course, is designed to help couples communicate and stay connected as they navigate this complex relationship.

    The Parenting Years - $70

    The Parenting Years Course offers 4 quick hitting modules that can help couples in their communication problems, re-establish a feeling of connection, and discover how to get out of a cycle of invalidation that ends in resentment toward one another.

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