How Yellowstone Taught Me What Love Is All About

What is Love?

February is a month where “love” is placed on center stage.  I was on a walk this afternoon and thinking about what I wanted to write about this week and I found myself asking the question, “What is love?” I am sure there are a lot of good answers to this question but what I found myself saying was, “Love is feeling connected to your partner.” 

Yellowstone Taught Me What Love Is

How did this end up being my answer to the question, what is love? Well, it all has to do with the TV series Yellowstone. For those of you who have watched Yellowstone this might sound like a weird place to get my answer that love is feeling connected to your partner. Also, we are only on season three so don’t tell me what happens if you are all caught up!

But back to Yellowstone. Erin and I have been watching the show over the last month or so and its been fun to have something to do together. It also is really hard to stay up at night after the kids have gone to sleep. There have been countless nights we have tried but just fallen asleep with the boys. 

Love Is About Feeling Connected To Your Partner

On one particular night Erin looked me in the eye with intensity and said, “No matter what, we are staying up and watching Yellowstone tonight.” I looked back at her with equal determination and said, “Ok.” When we woke up the next morning we looked at each other and hung out heads. Sleep had won again!

We laughed about it and I went on with the day. A little later Erin expressed her disappointment that we had missed a chance to hang out and I said, “Yeah it’s a bummer,” and moved on. Erin again mentioned she was sad we missed watching Yellowstone and then added this, “I mean you wanted to stay up and watch the show with me right?”  

Ahhh…it finally clicked in my awareness. I was hearing Erin say she was disappointed to not see the show. What she was really asking was, “Did you want to stay up and watch the show with me?” She wasn’t mad that we fell asleep. But what she did want to know is that I wanted to spend time with her. 

My response was, “Oh, of course I wanted to watch Yellowstone with you, I am sad we didn’t get to hang out too.” This is how Yellowstone helped me see that love is about feeling connected to your partner. 

Parenting Partners Struggle To Stay Connected

As partners that are busy with parenting, work, and countless other stresses it can be so easy to lose your connection with your partner. Yet, connection with our partners, particularly as parents is so very important. Feeling connected with your partner is what helps you feel supported, appreciated, understood, like you are not alone, and loved. 

Your “Yellowstone Moment” And How To Respond

I think our Yellowstone moment happens a lot in other parenting partner relationships. Everyday we are asking one another, “Do you want to spend time with me?” I hope that this little story helps you and your partner hear beyond the “Yellowstone moments” so that you can say to one another, “Yes, I want to spend time with you, I love you.”