Improve Workplace Performance By Supporting The Partnered Parents In Your Company

Online Wellness For Partnered Working Parents

A Lack Of Support For The Partnered Parents In Your Company Could Be Costing You A Great Deal

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National Average for Monthly Turnover in 2019
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National Average Cost of Turnover per Employee 2020 *Median income for salaried worker in US is $48,672.00.  Turnover costs are estimated at 30% of annual salary.  Thus, $15,000.00 is a conservative estimate of total costs to organizations
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Of reasons employees quit could be prevented—3 of the top ten reasons for turnover are Work-life-balance, Well-being, and Compensation & Benefits
  • 500 employees @ 3.2% turnover per month= 16 employees/month
  • 16 employees/month X 12 months= 192 employees/yr
  • 192 employees/yr X $15,000.00=$2,880,000.00/yr in costs to your organization

*All figures from ADP 2019 State of the Workforce Report: Pay, Promotions and Retention and Work Institute 2020 Retention Report

Ask Yourself This…


In this “post” pandemic world, how many of your working parents are wondering about how to manage work/home life after a “return” to work? 


How distracted and less productive are your working parents when there are stressful and unresolved issues at home?


Are you missing out on top recruits because they want to work for a company that values them for their work by supporting them in their home and family life?

You Know The Working Parents In your Company Need Support, But You Aren’t Sure How To Give Them The On-Going Support They Need…

This Is Where We Come In. This Is What We Love To Do.


Online Courses For Couples

A Therapeutic Experience Without The Barriers of Therapy


Custom Webinars For Your Working Parents

Actionable Education On Topics Relevant To Your Working Parents And Their Couple Relationship


Infographic, Articles, And Live Q&A’s

Build A Resource Library Of Research Informed and Psychologically Sound Education For Working Parents  

Why Us?


Couple To  Couple

We are a couple with advanced degrees in counseling and marriage and family therapy and we are right in this mix of being working parents with family. We know professionally and personally how cyclical work and family life are.  How health in one is health in the other.  

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Cost Effective

We offer comprehensve packages and competitive pricing. We provide research informed, psychologically sound resources, education, and support.


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We provide our course right to your employee in the comfort and safety of their own home. And we provide webinars and Q&A’s virtually providing maximum flexibility and support. 

The Research Is Clear

Why The Couple Relationship

Research is clear: Work life and Home life are not two distinct sectors. Work life influences home life and vice versa. This reality has strong implications for business organizations. Perhaps the greatest of these implications is that if work life negatively impacts home life employees will leave their jobs costing organizations millions in turnover costs and hamper their capacity to attract the most innovative talent. Gaining a reputation as a business organization that “doesn’t care” about employees and is a “burnout” factory is detrimental to the organizations bottom line.

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How Do We Get Started?

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1. Schedule A Call

Talk With Stephen and Erin So We Can Learn About Your Companies Unique Needs And Help Define A Clear Course Of Action


2. Create A Plan

Together We Will Create A Specific Plan To Help You Support The Partnered Parents In Your Workplace


3. See Results

Improve Workplace Performance By Supporting The Couple Relationships of Your Working Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not therapy but it is therapeutic. We have taken the foundations of much of our “in-person” work with clients and we have put those foundational principles into approachable, understandable, language giving you unprecedented value and a therapeutic experience.  

Single parents are working hard.  So hard.  Single parents would likely benefit from some of these tools and resources, and the struggles of partnered and single parents are not all the same, neither then are the supports and resources they need.  Single parents need and deserve resources and support too but because the issues that come up in partnered relationships are so different, the support also needs to be specific to each group.  (Erin was raised by a single working mom and knows personally and deeply the tremendous labor of love that goes into the single parent life.). We deeply respect the single parent, but our education and resources center on the couple relationship but single parents need resources and support as well. 

Pandemic life has shined a bright spotlight on the difficulties partnered parents face trying to balance work and home life.  We have been in this situation ourselves, forced to choose between work and family and every single time we were able, we chose our family.  We believe companies should not have to lose the valuable employees that are parents, we believe companies simply need to learn how to best support their partnered parents.  

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