Mitchell Counseling Practice Services

Individual Counseling

You have a past that influences your present and shapes your future. Understanding the interaction between past, present, and future is the key to your health and wellness. Neurological research continues to prove that healthy persons are those that can tell a life story that makes sense. Are you healthy? Are there parts of your story you avoid, leave out, or haunt you daily? Are you able to experience and revel in the joyous aspects of your story? We can help you make sense of your past and present, so that you can launch into your future with meaning and passion. We are ready to help you tell your story. You can schedule an individual session with Stephen or Erin.

Couples Counseling

Are you a couple desiring to reconnect? In need of healing? Or maybe you are couple that is doing great and wants to keep a good thing going. We can help you find connection, healing, and a renewed sense of passion for your relationship. We help each partner engage their own story, know their partner’s story, and create a couple story. We (Erin and Stephen) will facilitate this process and work with you to create a plan that will fit your needs. Let’s start today.

Couples Counseling for Parents

Are you a couple struggling to find one another through the exhaustion and stress of parenting. We can help you find new communication skills in the midst of the parenting chaos, make the little time available to you quality time, and help you resolve resentments (hopefully before they even take root). The parenting years have enough stressors of their own make sure you and your partner are in it together. Let’s start today.

Create Your Couple Story Course

Create Your Couple Story is a self-paced course designed to help you take a deeper dive into your connection and intimacy. This course is for you if you are thriving and want to gain more insight and skills for sustaining your relationship. This course is for you if you are feeling stuck or struggling to feel close. The rich, research-informed, psychological education is presented in an accessible way, with story exercises to make each week’s material come to life.

Create Your Couple Story-Couples and The Parenting Years

This course is a quick hitting, practical guide to help your couple relationship during the parenting years. This course will help you:

  1. Create Healthy Communication Patterns
  2. Keep Couples Connected in the Midst of Parenting Stress
  3. Resolve Resentment Through Learning to Validate One Another